The following set of questions aim to map the value and application of service design within the health sector of the countries.
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How would you judge the current influence of service design in the health sector policy-making agenda of the country? *

Please give examples of the following aspects in the country:

Please provide as many examples as you remember and a link, if available.
Agencies and innovation units actively doing projects for the health sector

Health sector or related institutions using service design and providing cases of successful application

Institutions actively producing research related to the topic

Papers, blogs, journals and specialised publications about the topic

Formal educational offerings for designers related to health sector

Service design training and capacity-building programmes for healthcare professionals

Conferences and events related to the topic

Awards/awarded projects related to the topic

Funding for research and project development/implementation

How would you see the impact of service design in the health sector evolving in the country within the next 5 years?

Last but not least! This report is a collaboration done by the service design community and aims to serve the community.
What would you like to see in the publication? What would you like to know from other service designers working with the health sector around the globe?

Thank you very much for your contribution! 

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